Brand USA Partner Programs & Global Market Development Roundtables

Global Market Development Rountable

Last week, Brand USA hosted its 2016 Partner Programs and Global Market Development Roundtables in Washington, DC. The Marketing Roundtables were established to enable Brand USA to share its strategic marketing direction with partners. Participants included leaders from a cross-section of the industry.

The Partner Programs Roundtable is supported by Karyn Gruenberg, Senior Vice President of Partner Marketing & Strategic Alliances, where she provided an update to key partner programs and consumer campaigns, such as Brand USA’s proximity strategy,.

The Global Market Development Roundtable is supported by Cathy Domanico, Vice President of Global Trade Development, and was formed to share collective insights and provide feedback on established and emerging markets, as well as provide guidance on activities deployed in each market.

During the roundtable, partners were able to provide input into the ongoing development of co-operative marketing programs and platforms that are consistent with both Brand USA and partner needs. The discussions are also supported by David Whitaker, Chief Marketing Officer.