Brand USA Premieres National Parks Adventure Around the Globe


Following the successful world premiere of its giant screen film, National Parks Adventure, Brand USA has begun hosting premieres globally. The release of the film is being supported by marketing campaigns in international markets, including print, radio, digital. television, and out-of-home media buys. Brand USA has collaborated closely with embassies and consulates in markets with local events.

The first premiere outside of the United States was hosted in London to an audience of 150 travel trade, travel media, and Brand USA partners. Held at the BFI Odeon where the film will run over the next year, director Shaun MacGillivray and one of the film’s stars, Max Lowe, were present to help celebrate the launch of the film and answer audience questions.

In Mexico, the Papalote Museo del Nino hosted the premiere screening of the film, accompanied by representatives of the U.S. Embassy to Mexico and Brand USA. The film, known in Mexico as America Salvaje, was very well received. Brand USA President and CEO Chris Thompson noted the film provides positive sentiment about the United States, including “the neighboring country has not only cosmopolitan cities, with skyscrapers and is considered one of the most powerful in the world, but also, one of the most important ideas in its history is to turn those spaces into the public national parks.”

The Big-screen film continued its premiere tour in Denmark to an audience of 150 viewers who enthusiastically greeted the showing of National Parks Adventure during the largest USA Travel Show in the Scandinavian region. The show, held March 6-7, brought key travel industry partners, including tour operators, travel agents, airline executives, online travel agents, and media to the film’s premiere. Rufus Gifford, the U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, gave opening remarks before the showing.

Most recently, the film premiered in Tokyo, Japan, before an audience of over 150 that included travel trade, tour operators, travel media, and Brand USA partners. U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy provided opening remarks through video, followed by welcoming remarks from stars of the film and Brand USA leaders.

In addition to the worldwide premiers, Brand USA hosted a screening of the film for Members of Congress and staffers at the Capitol Visitor Center. The U.S. Travel Association hosted the screening, along with Representatives Bilirakis and Farr, Co-Chairs of the House Travel and Tourism Caucus, along with Representatives Kind and Reichert, Co-Chairs of the House National Parks Caucus.